How painting could face a society sutured by images?

This is the question I try to answer through my painting process. In my process normally I took images that I found in internet or style magazines, clearly used for ads or illustrate a concept, an idea or a product (at the end ads are also trying to illustrate something), then I transform the original image into a non-concept composition. The finished painting is an anti-illustration activist placard. But having non-concept is a concept its self, so the paintings fluctuates in a non-concept / concept variation stage. The coherence of the work is totally dependent of the world wide circumstances that surround it. I said that the work has non-concept but in the moment that the is shown in a space, the space is giving it a new meaning, a concept and a definition. Because the concept and definition established by the art world and the society is need it to be recognized as an art work. The work said that has non-concept but the environment said the otherwise. When it comes out from the showing space it came back to the non-concept stage. So the work fluctuates between concept and non-concept variations stages.

The anti-illustration placard has a return to the original meaning during their „concept stage“ and this is a promotional, marketing or propaganda object for the artist (and current showing space) prestige in the art world.