My mission is to insert a participatory and democratic economic system in the art market and the art world. Why?    How?

Started at 2015
Organization for the Democratization of the Visual Arts and Art Market Regulation Commission
Drawings & Paintings
2006 - 2017
Drawings and paintings for sale
Started at 2015
Appropriation of the Tombola mechanism with artworks and other objects as prizes
DHStyle I
2008 -2010
DHStyle I - The most beautiful people magazine
Started at 2007
Collection of the Contemporary Fine Art Fame
Facebook 25
Started at 2013
Artworks that increase price depending on the number of facebook fans
Unpredictable Gallery
This is an invitation to questioning if the walls and reputation of an art space makes -good - or -bad- art.
Unpredictable Gallery Remaster
This is an invitation to questioning if the walls and reputation of the name of an artist make -good - or -bad- art.
DHStyle II
2016 - 2018
Second Editon of DHStyle - The most beautiful people magazine (In progress)
Drawing Archeology
Interventions in all places in Berlin where I found magazines to read like cafes, restaurants, waiting rooms, etc
Im sorry Mr Damien
Damien Hirst has been accused of copying yet another artist’s ideas.
The Neverending Painting
This is an art project consisting of an unlimited number of A4 size art pieces.
2005 - 2008
The proposal of the ‘Stockartist’ is to replicate the stock market model for the art world