Who the $#@%! is DHAdmann?

dhadmann Portrait
Mexican New Media Artist, I work and live in Mexico and Berlin. In 1990 studied software engineer in Mexico and worked for the corporative world many years. In 2002 I sold everything I had and went to Madrid to studied an MFA. Finishing the master degree started to make participative and interactive works like Stockartist.org (a proposal for a new and democratic art market) and worked as CTO for Artfacts.net .  Since then my work has been shown in Museums like Conde Duque in Madrid, Arte Alameda in Mexico, as well as numerous international art fairs including Art Forum, Paris FIAC, Scope London, Scope NYC.


Last years I have been working with very successful dot coms in Germany becoming a consultant in e.commerce and Magento (that is the tool that I used to create this store), organizing art exhibitions and building an Non profit organization to build the base for the democratization of the art world. (ODBK e.V.)