DHAdmann - Los Socios y cia

List of artists participants:
David Hinojosa (DHAdmann)
Armando Angeles
Gloria Torres Mejia
Javier Iglesias (Gnosick)
Niko Mitsuko
Terri Lloyd
Witte Wartena
Sabrina Winkler
Michel Castaignet
Fernando Holgin
Christoph Fuhrken
Gema Ramírez
Eirini Boukla
Ala Leresteux
Monserrat Correa
Lars Vilhelmsen
Yigit Keskin
Marija Kondres
Dagmar Hrickova
Nikola Dabic
Christopher Bently
Elisa Sassera
Aline Dugmore
Werner Szendi
Julio Alexander Millán Villanueva (Moki)
Héloïse Bergman
Mao mao
Nome Leônidas de Souza
Endika Basaguren
Edgar Gil Garza
Mario Reijnen
Elisabetta Martignetti
Mehreen Hashmi
Raul Sangrador
Mai Gamal Eldin
Marija Stojkovic
Lise Sore
Brigitte Spiegeler
Drahomíra Klofáčová


This is a participative installation composed by 200 drawings/collages created by artists and attendants of the exhibition. The installation will be take place at the Galería Libertad, Quéretaro, México from 4th of July until 11th of August. The concept behind this project is to question the idea of the institution as selector or filter of the artists and art. The artist as creator of art and also the idea of the market as institution to set up the prices of the works.

The dinamic of the work is to stick the drawings and collages on the Gallery wall making a big matrix until the number of 200 is reached. David Hinojosa will create composition(s) with the drawings/collages moving it from place and executing interventions. A board will be installed and the current price of the single priece will be displayed, recalculated on each work is installed on the matrix. The calculation is the average price value of the total prices set them up for each one of the participants.

Current Works on the installation (Updated 21.06) :
41 Files send / 0 created on site

Current price per piece (21.06) : 59.00 Euro / 1275.80 MXN

How to participate?

  • If you want to participate, you just have to send a digital file in pdf of a drawing or collage in Letter Size (216 x 279 mm) to the next email [email protected] DON'T SEND ORIGINALS.
  • Please send in the email: your name, contact information and the price of the work printed (NOT of the original work)
  • The file will be printed in Mexico and put it in the space assigned to this project in the Galeria Libertad with the other works.
  • The name of the artist will appear in the space where the work is exhibited and in this website page.
  • The total installation will consist of 200 works. Only100 Will be recieved in files per email, the other 100 will be created in the space by the attendants.
  • This is a cocreated work, the total installation will be intervened and the drawings could suffer alterations.
  • All pieces will be for sale (at the price of the moment the work is buyed) and the artist participant will receive a 50% of the sale.
  • Limit date of submissions on 18th of June-> Extendend submission until the 28th of June