Capital KA

To explain the beauty and complexity of this project, firstly I have to clarify what took me to create it. A few ideas and events should crossover in a very short period of time to clearly picture this work: the first one was a deep meditation that I was doing thinking in what would be a reward for the people who participate in the ODBK evaluations, something that could be easy to reproduce, unique and have an enough intrinsic value to motivate the people continue making ODBK evaluations.  Other event  was that in the daily newsletter I receive from Artnet I found a article that took my attention, was the project of Paolo Cirio called “Art Derivates”, Paolo appropriate the thousand images from the art auctions and sell it or resell it to the art world by a very tiny small part of the quantity has been the original work auctioned,I think this is a very smart and beautiful project. The third was when I was handling the biographies and concepts of the artists for the ODBK evaluations database, I found the artist Felix Droese, this is a German artist who works with concepts of money and economy. He created two works that I was impressed one is to print the word “Money” in newspapers and the second one was the 20,000 offset prints signed that took to Aldi (Supermarket chain) to sell them for one Euro the end the price increase to 12,99 Euros and Aldi won more than 200,000 Euros in the transaction.  

Art or what we understand as art is in our heads, in our mind, thoughts, knowledge and experience we have. The knowledge comes from different sources but one of the most important is the mass media. Every piece of information that is created and put it in public is a very tiny part of a huge system that defines the art world and as I commented, what we know as art. This also helps to define how important an artist is and the price of their works. If we see all  as a system, every little piece that composes it has an intrinsic value itself, but information is totally intangible is something that accumulates in our mind and some other types of store that with the time it disappears in a huge mountain of data. But all this knowledge is the base of the value of the art, is like gold, the accumulation of gold by the countries make their money more valuable (between many other factors, of course). 

Capital Knowledge of Art or Capital KA converts the intangibility of the knowledge in the form of information into something physical. This physical form can be used as an asset and that’s why I designated shares to every piece of data, corresponding to an article published by the art magazines, blogs or newspapers. Every day comes fresh news from hundreds of sources building our idea of what art is. Capital KA uses the rss feeds from those sources and from each one and for every day it creates a certificate of shares. Every certificate contains the text and some of the images of the articles or Capital KA shares. The certificate contains a different number of shares and it depends on the total number of articles that the rss feed share on that day. The first share certificate is for free, for every person interested to acquire Capital KA shares, the second one and above will be acquired to an initial price of  0,50 Euro (50 cents of Euro) per share ( or the last quotation published in the web page of the project) The generation of Capital KA shares certificates will run for a period of one year. At the end of the year all the information and images used to create the certificates will be available online and declared an economy influential monument and a social sculpture.