dhadmann portrait

I'm on a mission to democratize the art world

Find alternative economic mechanisms to create equal distribution of wealth, opportunities and resources..

because I believe in equality of opportunities

The art world is in the hands of an elite that controls the prices and the importance of the artists.

Fine art has become a product of a good network and not of artistic expression.

How do I create democracy in the art world?

StudioVisit is a platform for art lovers to meet the artists in their own studio

ODBK is an activist group aiming to raise awareness and improve regulation

Update.. July 2016 Berlin, Germany

Drawing Archeology Interventions

In all the places in Berlin where I found magazines to read like cafes, restaurants, waiting rooms, etc. I replace one of the ads pages with one copy of my works.

Update.. Jan-Jun 2016 Berlin, Germany

Drawing Archeology Serie

Drawing Experiment usign layers of the art history evolution in the same Piece.


There are ideas, concepts, places or objects that are fixed defined in our mind in order to be easily recognized. But when we move, add or remove pieces that conform that definition then we are in a dilemma of recognition.That place where the emptiness live to create a new something I called: “the gray area”. Bringing “gray area things” into the daily life of the people is a political process and that's is what brings purpose to my work. Read more....

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