I'm sorry Mr. Damien

During a research on the web I found this articles. Tooks my attention how in the history of art many artist has steal and copy ideas from other artists including famous ones, So I'm stealing and/or coping the "dots" idea in form of a street art project.

"John Armleder, a Swiss artist, who has been doing "dot paintings", as he calls them, in a regular grid since the late Seventies, says: "People would see my dot paintings and say: 'But you're doing a painting like Hirst.' And I would always say: 'Yes, I'm trying my best' - because Hirst's paintings are very nice, but I had been doing them a decade before."

Hirst appears unconcerned and insists that we beg, borrow and steal ideas from each other all the time, and that he just does it better. Meanwhile, as speculators gobble up his art for investment, it seems the sky is the limit. As Hirst himself observes: "Art is only worth what people will pay for it."
[** Inside Damien Hirst's factory, David Cohen, Evening Standard, 30.08.07] http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/arts/article-23410356-inside-damien-hirsts-factory.do

Damien Hirst has been accused of copying yet another artist’s ideas.

Three weeks after the artist unveiled his diamond-encrusted skull with a price of £50 million, another artist, John LeKay, has told The Times that he has been producing similar jewel-encrusted skulls since 1993 (see image 2, left). He also believes that it is not the only one of his ideas that Hirst has used in some way.
[** My old friend Damien stole my skull idea, Dalya Alberge, The Times, June 27, 2007]