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07 January 2018

As artist I have faced many challenges, most of them brave and happy. The biggest one until now has been keeping being an artist after 10 years. But since the start I keep the dream and vision of being at the top of the mountain. And since then I have been waiting for the best conditions to start climbing that mountain, or maybe waiting for "someone" to push me up into the "way" stablished by the system. But now I realize there is not such "way", the "way" is the one we create. So I decided that I will not wait anymore, I will start climbing that mountain even when it takes me all my life. That's why I'm writing this journal, first as an art project, second as a legacy and inspiration for other artists and third as one of the tools that I will use to reach that mountain.

My name is DHAdmann and I'm a mexican visual artist, activist, web developer and entrepreneur. I live in Berlin, Germany since 12 years ago. I have two children (two beautiful girls) and an ex-wife... but wait!...What is that top of the mountain you were talking about? What are those challenges? Aaahh ok!..those challenges are the two top events that any high end artist would aspire. Those challenges are the Venice Biennale and the Documenta. And Im not talking about just being there, but be selected by one of the participants of the curatorial team. For the people who knows the art world, you know I'm talking about the "big leagues" of the high end art world. But why I dare to aspire to those events? I have been a the Venice Biennale three times and at the Documenta two times and comparing the works that I saw there with mines, I can proudly said that my works are at the same level of the ones selected, conceptually, aesthetically and concerning the contemporarization of the topics. So the question would be, what is the reason why I'm not there? And this is something that I will figure out in thought this project.

So where should I start? the Venice Biennale (VB 2019) is in less than two years and the Documenta (Doc 2022) in little less than four years. At 15 December 2017 I received a newsletter from Artnet news anouncing Ralph Rugoff as the Art Director of the next Venice Biennale in 2019 (https://news.artnet.com/art-world/hayward-director-ralph-rugoff-chosen-artistic-director-2019-venice-biennale-1181045) He is the current director of the Hayward Gallery in London. So the first idea and  the one with the most common sense (many people from the art world would think that is the most stupid) is to send him directly a letter with my project proposal for the Venice Biennale 2019. This option is always discard by most of the people, so if all discard this option then the competition is lower and probabilities higher. For another side, what do I have to lose: just two euros for the post stamps. So I started to write a document with three project proposals for the VB 2019. At the same time I post an ad in Peopleperhour, Upwork and Craiglists searching for a writer with experience in fine art wrinting. And at the end I found an American art magazines writer throught Craiglists.  

(In the next journal page I will post a link to the document with the proposals and tell you about the other ideas that came..)