22 January 2018

We all born with some special skills and during our life we have to decide to use that skills and specialize in some topics, we can not be experts in all, I recognize that and that's why when something become very complex for me I try to find someone that is an expert to help me. So in this case I decided to post an ad looking for someone with excellent skills as strategist and contacting and connecting high level people. So I post this ad in the Berlin craiglists and London craiglists. You can see a copy of the post in the images attached. Well the results were amazing more than 50 people wrote me, I was offering a monthly fee plus a two thousand euros of reward for every success. Maybe the ad was not perfectly clear because some of interested offering their skills as designer or social media managers. Then when I explained back then most of them didn't wrote back. So the list shorted to two persons, that I meet them over a coffee to see what our expectations were and if we made a match. In the next page of this journal I will explain what was the results of those meetings and the next steps on this idea.

After a coupe of days later I was drinking a coffee with the only Mexican friend that I have in Berlin, Hugo Fortis. Actually I could write a book about the amazing life of this guy but is not the topic of this journal for the moment. I was talking with him about the idea of being selected at the next Venice Biennale and the Documenta. Immediately he started to think in his contacts in Mexico who would be good to connect with and get into the way of be wired with the curators related with the venues. He mention an mexican artist whom he was hanging around many years ago and created a group selected for the Venice Biennale two editions ago, Diego Teo and Nicolas Pradilla, he told me to contact them trough Facebook and ask them that you admire their art and what to become a pupil of him, they have a big ego and this will be the best way to approach them. I told him yes I will do it, and shared with me the contacts. But the best came later after keep taking about the topic, he ask me, Why you don't involve the Organization (ODBK www.odbk.tk) on this? Then my mind suddenly started working like a speed ball and couldn't stop image it and building a project to get into the Venice Biennale. After two days with the idea in the mind, and reading some article about the Biennale, bing!! I got it!! that's it! A Democratic Pavilion for the Venice Biennale 2019. Fantastic!! A set of artists selected not by a curator but by the Art Market Regulation Commission (AMARC). For first time in the history of the Venice Biennale will be set of artists selected by a democratic process. So , I immediately started to work in the concept, rules, building the application form for artists, write it down and creating the pages in the ODBK website. So we launched a campaign "call for artists" and a campaign "call for art world participants" to become part of the selection process for the artists. You can check the page of the project here: http://www.odbk.tk/the-democratic-pavilion-for-the-venice-biennale-2019/

mmmm...Yes I don't forget about the document that I will send directly to Ralph Rugoff. The thing was that the document has to be perfectly described and clear. So I posted another message looking for a writer with experience writing for the art world. After receiving many offers I found a girl Jazmina Figueroa, she told me has wrote a lot for the art world, like for galleries, artists grants, art magazines, etc. So I thought this is perfect for this task. I contract her to proof reading and fixing my writing for 50 Euros. Actually I still don't know if it is much or less, but she accepted and start working, the process delayed around 10 days, bouncing between she and me the document making corrections, adding and removing texts. And finally this is the proposal that I will send with three art projects. DHAdmann_Proposal_for_Venice_Biennale_2019