06 May 2019

It's been more than three years since I separated and my graphic work has turned into a catharsis to project my situation and what I feel. I have gone through different emotional stages and psychics from impotence to total anger and hatred.

This I have reflected mainly in the series of drawings "Cucurrucucu", the paintings from from 2017 until now (May 2019) and in some sketchbooks. The series of drawings "cucurrucucu", are characterized by an almost narrative figuration and where I integrate pieces of text with thoughts that I have at the moment of the creation of the work. Name "cucurrucucu" comes from a well-known Mexican song that speaks precisely of suffering of a man is that abandoned by his wife, to the point of dying.

The paintings are a combination of images taken from women of combined style magazines with my emotions and feelings, and where occasionally I integrate words. Other series produced regarding this stage are in my sketchbooks, which in the end are drafts for paintings Larger, they are not on the website but here I show some.